IGT056 – UPRN Provision

This Modification was raised by E.ON Energy on 3rd October 2013.

This Modification wasconsidered as short notice business at the October Modification Panel.

The October Modification Panel agreed to send the Modification Proposal to Development Group.

Please note this Modification is being developed in tandem with UNC Modification 0468.

The Modification was withdrawn on 22nd December 2015.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT056 UPRN Provision Letter Adobe PDF 17/09/2015  
IGT056 DG07 Minutes Adobe PDF 07/07/2014  
IGT056 Ordnance Survey Presentation Unknown File Type 23/05/2014  
IGT056 Mod 468 Draft Business Rules v1A Adobe PDF 23/05/2014  
IGT056 DG06 Minutes Adobe PDF 23/05/2014  
IGT056 DG05 Minutes Adobe PDF 08/04/2014  
IGT056 DG04 Minutes Adobe PDF 19/02/2014  
IGT056 DG03 Minutes Adobe PDF 30/01/2014  
IGT056 DG01 Minutes Adobe PDF 04/11/2013  
IGT056 Final ToR Adobe PDF 04/11/2013  
IGT056 Draft ToR Adobe PDF 21/10/2013  
IGT056 Agenda 1 Adobe PDF 21/10/2013  
IGT056 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 03/10/2013