IGT Network Codes

Each IGT has, and maintains, a network code that contains terms and conditions that relate only to that IGT. These Individual Network Codes of IGTs can be downloaded from the table below.

Contact details for IGTs can be found in the Who are the IGTs section of the website.


Previous versions of the INCs can be provided on request to the IGT UNC Representative.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
Leep Gas Networks Limited Version 0.1 Adobe PDF 14/01/2019 Leep Gas Networks Limited
Squire Energy Limited SQL V1 Adobe PDF 30/10/2019 Squire Energy Limited
MUA Gas Ltd MGN S2 Adobe PDF 30/06/2023 MGN
Harlaxton Gas Networks Ltd HGN INC v0.1 Adobe PDF 26/03/2018 HGN
Independent Pipelines Ltd IPL INC v6.0 Adobe PDF 30/06/2023 IPL
Quadrant Pipelines Ltd QPL INC v6.0 Adobe PDF 30/06/2023 QPL
Fulcrum Pipelines Ltd Fulcrum INC v9.0 Adobe PDF 01/06/2017 Fulcrum
GTC Pipelines Ltd GPL INC v4.0 Adobe PDF 01/06/2017 GPL
Indigo Pipelines Ltd Indigo Pipelines INC v4.1 Adobe PDF 26/06/2020 Indigo
Energy Assets Group Limited EAGL V1.0 Adobe PDF 29/11/2016 EAGL
Last Mile Gas Limited v5.0 Adobe PDF 09/12/2019 Last Mile Gas Limited
GTC Appendix 1 GTC INC v3.2 Appendix 1 CSV File formats for Change of Supply and Change of Supply Meter Reading Process Excel Spreadsheet (Office 97-2003) 04/11/2011 GTC
ESP Pipelines  INC  Adobe PDF 06/06/2007 ESP
ESP Connections Ltd  INC  Adobe PDF 06/06/2007 ESP
ESP Networks Ltd  INC  Adobe PDF 06/06/2007 ESP
 ES Pipelines  INC  Adobe PDF 06/06/2007 ESP