IGT Change of GT Scenario

This is also referred to as Asset Transfers.

UPDATE; 14th January 2021

ES Pipelines Ltd and Fulcrum Pipelines Ltd have entered into an agreement which will see the regular transfer of assets from Fulcrum Pipelines to ES Pipelines. These transfers will occur 1st December and 1st June on an ongoing basis, until the completion of the agreement. It is expected that the agreement will be complete by 2024.

The transfer is mainly for domestic gas connections however a small number of industrial and commercial connections, which form part of mixed-use sites will also transfer. Fulcrum Pipelines will continue to operate its iGT Licence.

Please note that the governance of this document falls outside of the IGT UNC.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
V1.0 Change of GT Scenarios Guidance Doc Adobe PDF 22/12/2017 ESPUG