About Gemserv

Gemserv Ltd provides advice on and assists in the design and implementation of regulatory structures and governance frameworks in the utilities industries. We only work at the market level to maintain our independence. That is, we don’t work for individual participants who are active in the markets within which we provide services. We work with market level bodies to help them set standards and establish best practice.

We provide services to a number of different bodies who operate in different utilities markets both here and abroad including:

  • MRA – we provide services to electricity suppliers and distributors in Great Britain under the Master Registration Agreement
  • Water Industry Council of Scotland (“WICS”) – working together to design and implement a competitive Scottish water market
  • Irish All Island Project (“AIP”) – we are also heavily involved in providing advice to the Irish electricity market regulators who are seeking to integrate the two Irish electricity markets into a single market
  • Gas Forum – we provide management and secretarial services to the Gas Forum who’s members include virtually every significant UK gas shipper and gas supplier

Further information about Gemserv is available from our website.