IGT UNC and Related Documents

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
Current IGT UNC V10.9 Adobe PDF 01/03/2019
Transition Document Version 4.0 Adobe, PDF 01/06/2007
Transition Document-consolidated Updated to 1 October 2007 Adobe, PDF 01/10/2007



Friday 28th June 2019

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.10 as follows:

IGT112 -Refinements to the RPC Template

IGT118V – Amendments to the IGT UNC Password Protection Protocols

IGT121 – Clarify IGT AQ Review Reporting Procedure

IGT122 – Amendment of the Data Permission Matrix to add Meter Asset Provider as a new User type

IGT123F – Housekeeping Changes

IGT125F – Alignment of the Re-Establishment provisions between the IGT UNC and the UNC

Friday 1st November 2019


Previous versions of the IGT UNC, Ancillary Documents or a full release history can be provided on request to the IGT UNC Code Administrator.

The IGT UNC was implemented on the 1st of May 2007 following designation by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority. The IGT UNC was implemented to streamline and harmonise the network code arrangements of the IGTs as much as possible. However, IGTs will still maintain their own network codes for those requirements that are not covered by the IGT UNC. If you require information or assistance in relation to the network code of an IGT please look under the IGT UNC and Related Documents tab. More information about the IGTs can be found in the ‘Who are the IGTs’ section of the website.

From this page you can download the latest version of the IGT UNC and the Transition Document.

Previous releases:

Friday 1st March  2019

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.9 as follows:

IGT110V – Mandating the provision of NDM sample data
IGT113V – Amendments to the CSEP NExA Table Ancillary Document and associated templates
IGT116V – Enabling permissions for the provision of information to Alt Han Company to support smart metering roll-out

Ancillary Document changes implemented;

  • CSEP NExA Table – v1.4
  • IGT AQ Review procedures document v1.6

9th November 2018

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.8 as follows:

IGT102 – Enduring solution for provisions that allow consecutive estimated invoicing in the event of System Failure by the CDSP
IGT109F – Amending the IGT UNC legal text to reflect changes to the UNC made by UNC632
IGT111 – Updating of the IGT UNC data permissions
IGT115 – Update to IGT UNC to formalise the Data Permissions Matrix

29th June 2018

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.7 as follows:

IGT103 – Inclusion of reference within IGT UNC to UNC TPD Section G paragraph 2.12 – 2.14 inclusive – Meter Point Portfolio Reconciliation
IGT107F – Correcting the consumption adjustment reads within IGT UNC
IGT108F – Updating references for UNC434

10th April 2018

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.6 as follows:

IGT106 – Provision of access to Domestic Consumer data for Suppliers

22nd March 2018

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.5 as follows:

IGT104 – Permissions modification to allow the CDSP to release IGT supply point information under UNC MOD0520A
IGT105 – Creating permissions for the CDSP to release data to Meter Asset Providers

23rd February 2018

No Legal text changes were to be implemented into the IGT UNC February Code release, therefore, the current version v10.4 remained in place.

15th December 2017

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.4 as follows:

IGT095VV – Provision of access to Domestic Consumer data for Price Comparison Websites and Third Party Intermediaries

3rd November 2017

Changes implemented into IGT UNC v10.3 as follows:

IGT080S – Mandating IGT use of data as administered by the Pipeline Operators’ Agency for Shipper Transportation Billing
IGT100 – Reinstating Asset Query Codes
IGT101F – Amending IGT UNC legal text to reflect changes to the UNC made by UNC570

Ancillary Document changes implemented;

  • Pipeline Operation Standards of Service Query Management – Operational Guidelines v2.3