Critical Friend

A good Code Administrator will support code parties in its role as a ‘critical friend’. The key aspects of a critical friend include:

1 – Providing Clear Primary Contacts

Click here for all contact information

2 – Providing Information to Code Parties

Our team can help you to understand:

  • the Modification Rules
  • the role of the Code Administrator
  • the activity of the Panel and Workstream
  • the methods of keeping updated
  • how to propose a Modification

3 – A Guide to the Website

See our Site map at the bottom of the page for a quick look at the website structure.

4 – Pre-Panel Information

The agenda for every Panel meeting is circulated to all Code Parties signed up to our distribution list.

The agenda includes links to every applicable Modification to be considered.

5 – Impartiality

The Code Administrator provides an independent chair and secretariat for every IGT UNC meeting.

We support smaller parties and all Modifications.

We ask the ‘stupid questions’, and we are the devil’s advocate.