IGT045 Meter Point Supply Pressure

The Modification was raised by E.ON Energy on the 1st February 2012.

The Draft Modification Report (DMR) was issue on the 30th March, with responses to the DMR Consultation requested by the 24th April 2012.

The Final Modification Report was sent to Ofgem on the 27th June 2012, with The Authority rejecting the Modification Proposal. Please see below the details behind Ofgem’s decision.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT045 Authority Decision Adobe PDF 01/08/2012  
IGT045 Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 27/06/2012  
IGT045 Draft Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 16/05/2012  
IGT045 IPL/QPL Draft Modification Report Consultation Response Adobe PDF 11/05/2012  
IGT045 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 30/03/2012  
IGT045 Modification Proposal Consultation Responses Zip Archive 30/03/2012  
IGT045 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 17/02/2012  
IGT045IGT045 Modification Proposal Appendix Adobe PDF 01/02/2012