IGT026 to iGT050

All documents that have been produced in relation to a closed Modification Proposal can be downloaded from the sub-menu on the left. All consultation responses that were received are also published here. Closed modifications include modifications that have been approved or rejected by the Authority, those awaiting implementation and those where an implementation date has yet to be agreed.

Closed Modifications

IGT026 – Password protection protocols 
IGT027 – Inclusion of Last Valid Read and Read Date to Portfolio Extract 
IGT028 – Remove the Must Read process for annually read sites 
IGT029 – IGT Meter Reading and Inspection File Naming Convention 
IGT030 – Review of CSEP NExA AQ Table values 
IGT031 – Amendment to AQ values present within the CSEP NExA Table to take account of revised Seasonal Normal Data 
IGT032 – Voluntary Withdrawal Process 
IGT033 – Consider the duration of changes against wider industry changes 
IGT034 – Designation of existing ‘AQ Procedures’ document as an Ancillary Document 
IGT035 – Improving the availability of read history and Asset Provision
IGT036 – Portfolio Extract Amendment Correction Factor 
IGT037 – Inclusion of SPA Fax Forms as a Ancillary Document 
IGT038 – Periodic AQ Calculation (Rolling AQ)

IGT039 – Single Gas Transporter Agency (Project Nexus)  
IGT040 – Amendment to AQ Values present within the CSEP NExA Table 
IGT041 – EU 3rd Package – 3 Week Switching 
IGT042 – EU 3rd Package – 21 day switching with flexible objection period 
IGT043 – Consolidation and alignment of invoicing data 
IGT044 – Password Protection Protocol Special Needs 
IGT045 – Meter Point Supply Pressure 
IGT046 – Revision to the Modification Rules 
IGT047 – Inclusion of data items relevant to smart metering into existing industry systems 
IGT048 – Estimated Opening Meter Reads Code Amendment 
IGT049 – Tolerance for SSP Sites 
IGT050 – IGT and Shipper Metering Communications Ancillary Document 
IGT050A – Third Party Metering Activity and MAM ID Communication