IGT112V – Refinements to the RPC Template

  • Modification proposal raised by E.ON on 4th July 2018
  • Panel to review the proposal at their meeting on 18th July 2018
  • A Technical Subgroup was established in September 2018 to develop the Technical solution suggested by the Proposer
  • Draft Modification report sent out for consultation with a closing date of 6th December 2018
  • Final Modification report passed for implementation by the Panel on 19th December 2018
  • The modification will be implemented in the June 2019 release, subject to the 15-day appeals window
Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT112V Final Modification Report (Post-Panel) Adobe PDF 20/12/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Notice of Implementation Adobe PDF 19/12/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Consultation Responses Zip File 11/12/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Final Modification Report (Pre-Panel) Adobe PDF 11/12/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Clean Ancillary Document Adobe PDF 11/12/2018 E.ON
IGT112V Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 22/11/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Workgroup Report Abode PDF 07/11/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Amended Ancillary Document Microsoft Word 30/10/2018 E.ON
IGT112V Proposed legal text Adobe PDF 23/10/2018 Code Administrator
IGT112V Varied Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 27/09/2018 E.ON
IGT112 Technical Subgroup Microsoft Word 14/08/2018 E.ON
IGT112 Technical Subgroup brief Adobe PDF 14/08/2018 E.ON
IGT112 Amended RPC ancillary document Adobe PDF 06/07/2018 E.ON
IGT112 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 06/07/2018 E.ON