IGT083S – Correction to PSR Process to Support SSP Arrangements

Modification raised by Brookfield Utilities UK 8th March 2016
Modification Proposal considered by Panel 20th April 2016

The Panel on the 20th of April 2016 determined that this modification needed further development.

Modification Work Group Report considered by Panel 18th May 2016

Modification Work Groups

Modification Work Group #1 3rd May 2016


Following Work Group discussion and Modification development, a Work Group report was submitted to the Modification Panel on 18th May 2016. At their meeting on 18th May 2016, the Panel agreed that the Modification met the Self-governance criteria and agreed to submit IGT083 for a shortened consultation; with a close out date of 3rd June 2016.

The Self-governance determination date for IGT086 is the 18th May 2016.

At the Panel meeting on 15th June 2016, the Panel considered the consultation responses and agreed to implement IGT083S. IGT083S will be implemented in line with Project Nexus Implementation Date.  

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT083S Final Modification Report: Post Panel Adobe PDF 22/06/2016  
IGT083 Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 07/06/2016  
IGT083 Consultation Responses Zip Archive 06/06/2016  
IGT083 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 18/05/2016  
IGT083 Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 10/05/2016  
IGT083 Modification Proposal v0.2 Adobe PDF 03/05/2016  
IGT083 Modification Proposal v0.1 Adobe PDF 08/04/2016