IGT076 – IGT100

All documents that have been produced in relation to a closed Modification Proposal can be downloaded from the sub-menu on the left. All consultation responses that were received are also published here. Closed modifications include modifications that have been approved or rejected by the Authority, those awaiting implementation and those where an implementation date has yet to be agreed.

Closed Modifications

IGT076S – Amendment of RPC Format (Post Nexus)
IGT077S – Amendment of Portfolio Extract (Post Nexus)
IGT078 – Ancillary Document for the New Connections process 

IGT079 – Adding Non-domestic New Connections Framework A ive Date

IGT080S – Mandating IGT use of data as administered by the Pipeline Operators’ Agency for Shipper Transportation Billing

IGT082 – IGT Single Service Provision, noneffective Days for cutover in 2016

IGT083S – Correction to PSR Process to Support SSP Arrangements 
IGT084 – Clarification on IGT RPC Invoice template

IGT085F – SSP Housekeeping Changes 
IGT086 – CDSP Changes 
IGT087 – Revision to the Modification Rules in Response to CGR3 – Significant Code Review Modifications 
IGT088 – Determining Implementation of Self-Governance Modifications 
IGT089 – Revision to the Modification Rules in Response to CGR3 – Self Governance

IGT090F – Changes to the IGT039 legal text following a review of UNC legal text 
IGT091 – Amending rules for appointing Pipeline User Representatives 
IGT092 – Implementation of Non-Effective days for Project nexus Implementation (Project Nexus transitional modification) 
IGT092A – Implementation of Non-Effective days for Project nexus Implementation, maintaining a minimum of two Supply Point System Business Days (Project Nexus transitional modification) 
IGT093 – Changes to the CSEP NExA Tables Ancillary document to correct the effective dates on 2 of the tables 
IGT094 – Amendments to file format types for IGT078 and IGT079 flows

IGT096F – Correction to the IGT083 legal text now IGT078/79 are complete
IGT097 – Provision for allowing consecutive estimated invoicing in the event of System Failure by the CDSP 
IGT098F – Changes to the IGT UNC Code due to changes to the UNC Code

IGT100 – Reinstating Asset Query Codes