IGT074S – Amendment of Password Protection Ancillary document

Modification raised by E.ON UK 5th February 2015
Modification Proposal considered by Panel
as Short Notice Business
18th February 2015


Modification Panel determined that the Modification should proceed to Workgroup for further development.

Workgroup #1 7th April 2015
Workgroup Report Published 8th April 2015
Workgroup Report to Panel 15th April 2015


Modification Panel agreed that the Modification meets the criteria for a Self-Governance Modification.

The Panel agreed to send the Modification out for consultation as a Draft Modification Report.

DMR Published 16th April 2015
DMR Consultation Close 8th May 2015
FMR Published 18th May 2015
Self Governance Determination Date 17th June 2015


The Panel on 17th June 2015 determined that the Mod should be implemented.

Implementation Date is aligned with the go-live date for Project Nexus.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT074S Notice of Implementation Adobe PDF 19/06/2015  
IGT074S Final Modification Report – Post-Panel Adobe PDF 19/06/2015  
SSE Supply DMR Response Adobe PDF 13/05/2015  
E.ON DMR Response Adobe PDF 13/05/2015  
npower DMR Response Adobe PDF 13/05/2015  
IGT074 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 16/04/2015  
IGT074 Self Governance Statement Adobe PDF 16/04/2015  
IGT074 Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 08/04/2015  
IGT074 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 05/02/2015