Closed Modifications – UGI

All documents that have been produced in relation to a closed Modification Proposal can be downloaded from the sub-menu on the left. All consultation responses that were received are also published here. Closed modifications include modifications that have been approved or rejected by the Authority, those awaiting implementation and those where an implementation date has yet to be agreed.

Closed Modifications

UGI034 GTC0343 GPL042 
UGI035/GTC0344/GPL043 – Mandatory Use of Defined CSV File Formats for CoS and CoS Meter Reading 
UGI036V/GTC0345V/GPL044V – Changes to the defined CSV F303 and F304 Voluntary Withdrawal File Formats 
UGI037/GTC0346/GPL045 – Clarification of I&C RPC Migration Dates for I&C Sites which have an Ofgem RPC derogation 
UGI038-GTC0347-GPL047 Removal of SPA Fax Forms Appendix 2 from the INC