IGT110 – Mandating the provision of NDM sample data

  • Modification proposal raised by E.ON on 3rd May 2018
  • Panel sent the modification to a Workgroup on 16th May 2018
  • The Workgroup Report was completed on 7th August 2018
  • Panel sent this modification for Consultation with a closing date of 7th September 2018
  • The Final Modification report will be considered by the Panel on 19th September 2018
  • The Panel unanimously passed this modification for implementation on 24th September 2018 with an implementation date still to be determined in line with UNC654.
Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT110V Revised Notice of Implementation Adobe PDF 24/10/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Notice of Implementation Adobe PDF 26/09/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Final Modification Report (Post Panel) Adobe PDF 26/09/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Consultation Responses Zip File 10/09/2018
IGT110V Final Modification Report (Pre-Panel) Adobe PDF 10/09/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 15/08/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 08/08/2018 Code Administrator
IGT110V Variant Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 17/07/2018 E.ON
IGT110 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 04/05/2018 E.ON