IGT129 – Obligations on Shippers to pass Transporter compensation payments on to consumers, via Suppliers

  • Modification proposal raised by BUUK on 8th July 2019.
  • Draft Modification Report sent out for consultation with a close out date 12th November 2019.
Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT129 Final Modification Report (Pre-Panel) Adobe PDF 15/11/2019 Code Administrator
IGT129 Consultation Responses Zip File 15/11/2019 Code Administrator
IGT129 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 22/10/2019 Code Administrator
IGT129 Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 02/10/2019 Code Administrator
IGT129 Modification Proposal (Version 2) Adobe PDF 17/09/2019 BUUK
IGT129 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 08/07/2019 BUUK