IGTRP009 – Removal of Metering Arrangements from the IGT UNC

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT009RP Report to Panel v0.2 Adobe PDF 09/11/2011
IGTRP009 Report to Panel Adobe PDF 12/10/2011
IGTRP009 Meeting Notes – 21st July 2011 Adobe PDF 28/07/2011
IGTRP009 Meeting Notes from 27th January 2011 Adobe PDF 23/02/2011
IGTRP009 Meeting Notes – 29th November 2010 Adobe PDF 07/01/2011
IGTRP009 Meeting Notes from 26th May 2010 Adobe PDF 16/06/2010
New Connections New Connections Business Rules and File Formats Adobe PDF 24/09/2009
New Connections New Connections and Metering Discussion Paper Adobe PDF 24/09/2009
iGTRP009TOR Proposed Terms of Reference  Adobe PDF 06/04/2009
IGTRP009 Review Proposal  Adobe PDF 06/04/2009