IGT030RP – Review of CSEP NExA AQ Table

The Review Group was closed at the May Modification Panel following approval of the Review Proposal Report. Subsequently, Scottish Power raised some further consideration for amendments to the Report following the May Panel. As such a revised Report was discussed at the June Modification Panel and was subsequent approved ex-committee by the Panel on 19th July.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT030RP Approved Final Report to Panel Adobe PDF 21/07/2011  
IGT030RP SP Considerations Adobe PDF 07/06/2011  
IGT030RP Report to May Modification Panel Adobe PDF 17/05/2011  
IGT030RP IGT030RP 5th Meeting Minutes Adobe PDF 19/04/2011  
IGT030RP 5th Meeting Agenda Adobe PDF 24/03/2011  
IGTRP030 AIGT Presentation Unknown File Type 11/03/2011  
IGTRP030 Relative Price Control Presentation Unknown File Type 11/03/2011  
IGTRP030 Minutes – 4th Meeting Adobe PDF 11/03/2011  
IGTRP030 IGTRP030 Final agenda 23rd February (Ofgem) Adobe PDF 17/02/2011  
IGTRP030 RP030 Minutes 14th January 2011 Adobe PDF 03/02/2011  
IGTRP030 CSEP NEXA Data Analysis Unknown File Type 11/01/2011  
IGTRP030 Work Plan Excel Spreadsheet (Office 97-2003) 11/01/2011  
IGTRP030 3rd Meeting Agenda (14th Jan 2011) Adobe PDF 11/01/2011  
IGTRP030 Minutes- 2nd Meeting 9th December 2010 Adobe PDF 16/12/2010  
IGTRP030 2nd Meeting Agenda Adobe PDF 01/12/2010  
IGTRP030 Terms of Reference (as approved at the November Modification Panel) Adobe PDF 24/11/2010  
IGTRP030 Meeting Minutes – 27th October Adobe PDF 05/11/2010  
IGTRP030 Agenda for Teleconference 27th October Adobe PDF 26/10/2010