Open Modifcations

All documents that have been produced in relation to an open Modification Proposal can be downloaded from the sub-menu on the left. All consultation responses that were received are also published here. Where a Modification Proposal has been approved but an implementation date has yet to be agreed or where the Modification Proposal is awaiting implementation can be found in the ‘Closed Modifications‘ section of the website.

Live Modifications

IGT102 – Enduring solution for provisions that allow consecutive estimated invoicing in the event of System Failure by the CDSP
IGT109F – Amending the IGT UNC legal text to reflect changes to the UNC made by UNC632S
IGT110 – Mandating the provision of NDM sample data
IGT111 – Updating of the IGT UNC data permissions
IGT112 – Refinements to the RPC Template
IGT113 – Amendments to the CSEP NEXA Table Ancillary Document and associated templates
IGT114 – Extending the data available to Suppliers under K24.3(l)

Live Consultations

Current Modifications out for Consultation:

IGT111 – Updating of the IGT UNC data permissions – Closes 8th August 2018