IGTDG001 (Standards of Service Review)

IGTDG001 Standards of Service Review Development Group

The Standards of Service Review Development Group was formed following a post review proposal raised by E.ON UK on the 11th November 2009. The Standards of Service Operational Guidelines (V1.3) were approved by the October Modification Panel and have subsequentially be published as version 2.0. The November Modification Panel agreed for implementation of the new Standards of Services document in line with the February 2011 release of the IGT UNC.

The Development was agreed closed at the November 2010 Modification Panel.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGTDG001 Draft V1.3 Adobe PDF 14/10/2010  
IGTDG001 Standards of Service Version 2.0 Adobe PDF 24/11/2010  
IGTDG001 Standard of Service Query Templates 1.1 Adobe PDF 24/11/2010  
IGTDG001 Draft V1.2 Adobe PDF 10/09/2010  
IGTDG001 Notes of 2nd DG001 Meeting Adobe PDF 16/06/2010  
IGTDG001 Pipeline Operator Standard of Service Meeting Notes 17/02/2010 Adobe PDF 17/03/2010  
IGTDG001 SSEPL Response- Stats Adobe PDF 16/02/2010  
IGTDG001 Agenda Adobe PDF 15/02/2010  
IGTDG001 GTC Response Adobe PDF 15/02/2010  
IGTDG001 Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 21/01/2010  
IGTDG001 E.ON Post Implementation Review Proposal Adobe PDF 21/01/2010