IPL QPL Modifications

All documents that have been produced in relation to a closed Modification Proposal can be downloaded from the sub-menu on the left. All consultation responses that were received are also published here. Closed modifications include modifications that have been approved or rejected by the Authority, those awaiting implementation and those where an implementation date has yet to be agreed.

Closed Modifications

IPL QPL 034 – Supply Points Confirmation 
IPL QPL 035 – Supply Point Confirmation 
IPL QPL 036 – Supply Point registration on QPL Network 
IPL QPL 037 – Invoice Credits 
IPL038 – Remove TAS Specific Change Processes from INC 
IPL/QPL039 – Inclusion of MAM and GAO details in TAS flows 
IPL/QPL040 – Inclusion of last inspection date to T16 
QPL038 – Remove TAS Specific Change Processes from INC