IGT066 – Aligning UNC with Licence conditions relating to European legislative change and Alternative Modification Proposals

This Modification was raised by ESP on 8th July 2014 and was considered by the Modification Panel on 16th July 2014.

The Panel agreed that the Modification should proceed to development by workgroup.

The first workgroup is to be convened as part of the IGT Shipper Work Group meeting on 11th August 2014.

An amended version of the Modification was circulated on 5th August 2014, and again on 7th October 2014, with Workgroup Report and proposed Legal Text, to be considered at the Modification Panel on 15th October 2014.

The Panel on 15th October 2014 agreed to circulate the Modification for consultation as a Draft Modification Report. The consultation closed on 7th November 2014.

The Panel on 17th December 2014 considered the Final Modification Report and agreed to recommend IGT066 for implementation with an Implementation Date for the first scheduled release two months following an Authority Decision to implement.

The Final Modification Report was sent to Ofgem for Authority Decision on 19th December 2014.

The Authority Decision to implement IGT066 was received on 4th February 2015. IGT066 will be implemented on 26th June 2015.


Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT066 Authority Decision Adobe PDF 04/02/2015  
IGT066 Final Modification Report for Authority Decision Adobe PDF 19/12/2014  
npower DMR Response Adobe PDF 14/11/2014  
British Gas DMR Response Adobe PDF 14/11/2014  
IGT066 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 17/10/2014  
IGT066 Workgroup Report [CURRENT] Adobe PDF 07/10/2014  
IGT066 Preferred Legal Text [CURRENT] Adobe PDF 07/10/2014  
IGT066 Amended Modification Proposal [CURRENT] Adobe PDF 07/10/2014  
IGT066 Updated Mod Proposal [Historic] Word Document (Office 97-2003) 22/09/2014  
IGT066 Legal Text – Proposal Two [Historic] Word Document (Office 97-2003) 12/09/2014  
IGT066 Legal Text – Proposal One [Historic] Word Document (Office 97-2003) 12/09/2014  
IGT066 Ofgem Comments on Legal Text (One) [Historic] Word Document (Office 97-2003) 18/08/2014  
IGT066 Workgroup Report [Historic] Adobe PDF 13/08/2014  
IGT066 Updated Modification Proposal [Historic] Adobe PDF 13/08/2014  
IGT066 Final Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 13/08/2014  
IGT066 Proposed Legal Text w/ updated comments [Historic] Word Document (Office 97-2003) 11/08/2014  
IGT066 WG Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 06/08/2014  
IGT066 WG01 Agenda Adobe PDF 06/08/2014  
IGT066 Proposed Legal Text Word Document (Office 97-2003) 05/08/2014  
IGT066 Amended Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 05/08/2014  
IGT066 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 09/07/2014