IGT085F – SSP Housekeeping Changes

Date Raised 12th May 2016
Modification Proposer Brookfield Utilities
Considered by Panel  15th June 2016


This Modification seeks to amend the IGT039 drafting to correct drafting errors.

This Fast Track Modification was submitted for consultation on 13th May 2016. One response was received and was fully in support of the Modification.

At their meeting on the 15th June 2016. Panel agreed that this Modification met the Fast Track criteria and, Determined that it met the Self-Governance criteria, and agreed for it to be implemented.

The Self-governance determination date for this Modification is 15thJune 2016

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT085F Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 08/07/2016  
IGT085F Fast Track Consultation Response Adobe PDF 08/07/2016  
IGT085F Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 08/07/2016