IGT081F – Correcting Incorrect Definition for Project Nexus Go Live Date

This Modification was raised by npower on 26th August 2015 and will be considered by the Modification Panel no later than 21st October 2015.

The Proposer has proposed that this Modification should be considered as a Fast Track Self Governance Modification.

As per IGT UNC Part L 12.7, “within fifteen Business Days of a Fast Track Self-Governance Modification Proposal being issued by the Code Administrator…a Pipeline User, a Pipeline Operator or a Third Party Participant may, in writing to the Code Administrator, object to the proposed Fast Track Self-Governance being made via the fast track self-governance route. Such notice must…include any representations the objecting party wishes to make in support of their objection”.

Parties were invited to submit any objections to the Code Administrator before 17th September 2015.

An ex-committee Panel met via email on 23rd September 2015 and determined that the Modification should be implemented in the release scheduled for 1st October 2015.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT081F Notice of Implementation Adobe PDF 28/09/2015  
IGT081F Modification Proposal / Legal Text Adobe PDF 26/08/2015