IGT079S – Adding Non-domestic New Connections Framework Ancillary Document

Modification raised by British Gas 28th May 2015
Modification Proposal considered by Panel 17th June 2015

The Panel agreed to send this Mod to Workgroup for further development. And was discussed at the following Workgroups:

Modification Workgroup 4th August 2015
Modification Workgroup 1st  September 2015
Modification Workgroup 6th October 2015
Modification Workgroup 3rd November 2015
Modification Workgroup 1st December 2015
Modification Workgroup 5th January 2016
Modification Workgroup 2nd February 2016


Following development of the Draft Modification at the relevant Workgroups, the Modification is to be considered by the Panel on 17th February 2016.

Panel agreed to submit IGT079 to a shortened consultation, with a close out date of 8th of March 2016.

The Panel further agreed that IGT079 meets the Self-Governance Criteria, details of which can be found in the Self-Governance statement below.

The Panel on 16th March 2016 agreed to implement IGT079S, subject to a fifteen day appeal window. The IGTs determined an implementation date of 23rd February 2017.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT079 Final Modification Report – Post Panel Adobe PDF 17/03/2016  
IGT079S Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 10/03/2016  
IGT079 DMR Consultation Responses (ZIP file) Zip Archive 09/03/2016  
IGT079 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 18/02/2016  
IGT079 Self-Governance Statement Adobe PDF 18/02/2016  
IGT079 Modification Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 09/02/2016  
IGT079 Ancillary Document v0.8 Adobe PDF 11/02/2016  
IGT079 Drafted Legal Text Word Document (Office 97-2003) 29/12/2015  
IGT079 IGT Commercial New Connections Mod Guidance Adobe PDF 21/09/2015  
IGT079 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 28/05/2015