IGT078S- Ancillary Document for the New Connections process

Modification raised by npower 8th April 2015
Modification Proposal considered by Panel 15th April 2015


Modification Panel determined that the Modification should proceed to Workgroup for further development, and was discussed at the following Modification Workgroups:

Workgroup #1 5th May 2015
Workgroup #2 2nd June 2015
Workgroup #3 30th June 2015
Workgroup #4 4th August 2015
Workgroup #5 1st September 2015
Workgroup #6 6th October 2015
Workgroup #7 3rd November 2015
Workgroup #8 1st December 2015

The Draft Modification Report (DMR)was submitted for consultation on 18th December 2015 and, after the consultation responses were received, the Workgroup met one further time to consider further changes:

Workgroup #8 1st December 2015

The Workgroup Report was first published on 9th December 2015, and was considered at the Modification Panel meeting on 16th December 2015.

The Panel on 16th December determined that the Modification met the criteria for Self-Governance, and should be circulated as a Draft Modification Report. The Self Governance Determination Date is 17th February 2016.

Following circulation of the DMR several comments were received and, the PSRs and Ancillary Document were updated as per the Workgroups suggestion.

The Draft Modification was considered again by the Panel on 17th February, and Panel agreed for IGT078S to be circulated for a shortened consultation, with a close out date of the 8th of March.

The Panel on 16th March 2016 agreed to implement IGT078S, subject to a fifteen day appeal window. The IGTs determined an implementation date of 23rd February 2017.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT078 Automating the Procedure for IGT078 and IGT079 Adobe PDF 25/10/2016 E-ON
IGT078 Final Modification Report – Post Panel Adobe PDF 08/07/2016  
IGT078 DMR second Consultation Responses (ZIP file) Zip Archive 09/03/2016  
IGT078 Draft Modification Report v2 Adobe PDF 18/02/2016  
IGT078S Revised Self Governance Statement Adobe PDF 18/02/2016  
IGT078 Modification Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 09/02/2016  
IGT078 Revised Ancillary Document v1.1 Adobe PDF 08/02/2016  
IGT078 FINAL PROJECT SUMMARY NOTIFICATION (Clean Version) Adobe PDF 05/02/2016  
IGT078 FINAL PROJECT SUMMARY REPORT (Clean Version) Adobe PDF 05/02/2016  
IGT078S Final Modification Report (Pre-Panel) Adobe PDF 29/01/2016  
IGT078 DMR Consultation Responses Summary Adobe PDF 26/01/2016  
E.ON DMR Consultation Response: Supporting Documentation – Project Summary Notification Feedback Adobe PDF 19/01/2016  
E.ON DMR Consultation Response: Supporting Documentation  – Project Summary Report Feedback Adobe PDF 19/01/2016  
IGT078 First DMR Consultation Responses Zip Archive 18/01/2016  
IGT078S Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 17/12/2015  
IGT078 IGT078 Workgroup Report Adobe PDF 09/12/2015  
IGT078 Legal Text v1.0 Adobe PDF 09/12/2015  
IGT078 Modification Proposal (v2.0) Adobe PDF 20/11/2015  
IGT078 Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 02/06/2015