IGT044 Password Protection Protocol Special Needs

The Modification was raised by E.ON Energy on the 7th December 2011.

The Final Modification Report was sent to Ofgem on the 25th April for Authority decision.

The response was received from the Authority on the 1st June, where they directed that IGT044 be implemented. The Modification will be implemented in the February 2013 Release of the IGT UNC.

A matrix has been completed by IGTs to provide an indication as to how this Modification will be implemented, please see below.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT044 Password Protection Matrix Adobe PDF 03/01/2013  
IGT044 Authority Decision Adobe PDF 01/06/2012  
IGT044 Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 26/04/2012  
IGT044 Final Modification Report- Revised Ancillary Document Adobe PDF 26/04/2012  
IGT044 Draft Final Modification Report Zip Archive 21/03/2012  
IGT044 DMR Consultation Responses Zip Archive 13/03/2012  
IGT044 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 08/02/2012  
IGT044 DMR Appendix – Draft Ancillary Document Changes Adobe PDF 08/02/2012  
IGT044 Modification Proposal Consultation Responses Zip Archive 20/01/2012  
IGT044 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 23/12/2011