IGT041 EU 3rd Package – 3 Week Switching

The Modification was raised by E.ON UK on the 9th September 2011.

The Modification was raised at the September 2011 Modification Panel and the Panel agreed for the Modification to proceed to Development.

The Development Group was led by Cher Harris (SSE Pipelines). After several meetings, the Development Group submitted a Report to the February 2012 Modification Panel. The Panel agreed that both IGT041 and IGT042 should proceed to the Draft Modification Report stage and be issued with reduced consultation timeframes. This would enable to Modifications to be submitted to Ofgem in alignment with the equivalent UNC Modifications.

The Draft Final Modification Report (DFMR) was considered at the Modification Panel on the 21st March 2012.

The Final Modification Report (FMR) was published and sent to Ofgem on the 27th March 2012.

Ofgem have released their decision on this modification, which can be found below.

Document Title Description Type Pub Date Author
IGT041 Authority Decision Adobe PDF 03/09/2012  
IGT041 Final Modification Report Adobe PDF 27/03/2012  
IGT041 Draft Final Modification Report (DFMR) Adobe PDF 07/03/2012  
IGT041 DMR Consultation Responses Zip Archive 07/03/2012  
IGT041 Draft Modification Report Adobe PDF 17/02/2012  
IGT041/42DG Report to Panel Adobe PDF 01/02/2012  
IGT041/42DG IGT UNC Party Preferences Excel Spreadsheet (Office 97-2003) 18/01/2012  
IGT041/42DG UNC Panel Minutes and Voting Record – December 2011 Adobe PDF 11/01/2012  
IGT041/42DG 2nd Meeting Draft Minutes Adobe PDF 13/12/2011  
IGT041DG DG Meeting 1 Papers and Draft Minutes Zip Archive 31/10/2011  
IGT041DG ToR DG Terms of Reference Adobe PDF 11/10/2011  
IGT041 Modification Proposal Adobe PDF 09/09/2011